Mckingtorch Creatives Host American International School And Challenge World Wide Students


Students from the American International School (AIS) and Challenge World Wide visited Mckingtorch Creatives as part of the American International School Community Day activity to serve their communities through volunteerism.

Students areexpected on that day to go out of the school environment to volunteer with an institution for a day of which Mckingtorch Creatives was elected for the students to learn how to use plastic waste bottles to create dustbins and other decorative that can be used in our homes and workplaces.

The students were made up of different nationals from Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Ghana, Togo and a volunteer from Challenge World Wide in London.

The program also hosted members of Challenge World Wide whose interest is investing inbuilding the capacity of start-ups and small enterprises with the support of UKAID.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mckingtorch Creatives, Makafui Awuku spoke about the process of product development, entrepreneurship and the need for partnerships from the various stakeholders to make new projects sustainable in the long term.

The day was divided into 3 sessions where students got introduced to Mckingtorch Creatives, products and the team. There was also a dialogue session where entrepreneurship, sanitation in Ghana, UN SDGs, partnerships and collaborative effort and capacity building support were discussed.

During the session, AIS students indicated that citizen responsibility is required to fix the sanitation problem in Ghana. To them if each of us will be responsible for our waste we can solve the problem.

The student from Challenge World Wide,Calum Jackson who worked with his team to select Mckingtorch Creativesspoke about the importance of capacity building for start-ups and small enterprises established by the youth.

He said there is the need for leadership capacity which is required to build the youth and the relevant technical support to make these enterprises growth and expand in order to create morejobs and improve the living standard of many.

The students who were given a project to work on for their immediate community- East Legon Community under the supervision of Mckingtorch Creative, created a barricademodeled with plastic bottles.

The students agreed to present the barricades to the East Legon Police Station to aid checks on our roads in the night to reduce incidence of robberies. The two barricades that were made were made from 126 pieces of plastic bottles each with reflective components for night uses.

The AIS students who were enthused about their work believesociety needs to do more to support institutions to function properly and effectively.

About Mckingtorch Creatives

The Mckingtorch Creatives is a start-up that creates products from plastic waste in pursuit of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The company is modelling viable products from plastics to solve the waste problem in a sustainable way while using them to create solutions in various areas that are useful to the country.

The company believes itcan reduce poverty, hunger, health hazards and unemployment, and contribute to economic growth with the Mckingtorch Creatives dream.

Mckingtorch Creatives hopes to eliminate a million bottles from the environment in 2019 by transforming them into art works with the goal of solving Africa’s waste problem using a home grown solution.

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