MCKINGTORCH PLASTIC WASTE ARTS: A project by Mckingtorch Creatives


Mckingtorch Creatives developed a raw material from treated plastic waste and turned them into plastic sheets which have become a raw material for artworks.

Mckingtorh Creatives makes arts and products from waste plastics and does advocacy on pollution, installations, and exhibitions on the impact of plastic pollution to change behavior. Board members include United Nations Diplomat vIshmael Dodoo and U.S. art professor April Bey. The founder and chief executive officer Mr. Makafui Awuku is President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative Alumnus and have environmental management background from the university.

The project started 12 months ago in 2017 when the founder created a Christmas Tree from 396 plastic waste bottles. We got over 200 homes to segregate their waste in 2018 saving each household 100 dollars on waste collection. The project has also through advocacy influenced the behavior of thousands of Ghanaian youth on the impact of plastic pollution.

We have also collected 120,000 plastic bottles in 2018, participated in more than 10 exhibitions on plastic pollution including showcasing our work to Prince Charles on his royal visit to Ghana in November and at the Netherlands, Norwegian, British and the U.S. embassy and high commission events.

Our work was also documented on the BBC, Brussels Airlines and in Forbes Magazine. The project has created 7 jobs directly and indirectly and engages over 200 volunteers across Africa. We have created at least 5 artwork and product lines that are viable and sold artworks to over 7 countries some in Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and France. We partnered for 3 beach and community cleanups in 2018, run training and mentoring for 3 schools including kids from a special needs school in Accra.

We have also done some public space installations with bottles to influence behavior the biggest of which is a 10,000 bottles fence around a major intersection in Accra during World Environment Day Celebrations in 2018.

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