Our CEO traveled out to the United Kingdom with an agenda to change the narrative for Africa and Ghana and it was a great an honour as he addressed a group of 30 PHD students of Brighton University studying Sustainable Designs on my work and that of Mckingtorch Africa on the waste management value chain in Ghana and what we have done in the last two years as we work to create more sustainable communities and cities in Africa. Also had some of my artworks from plastic waste to showcase at the session.In 2018, Brighton University entered into a partnership with Mckingtorch Africa and other foundations and artists from Ghana and South Africa with the aim of creating a learning lab for the circular economy in Africa and help develop a market for the arts and plastic waste being made on the continent. This partnership opened others doors and through a world bank exchange program grant, our CEO got the opportunity to visit Brighton University for a week and participate in sessions during their Masters in Sustainability program and also speak on the circular economy agenda of Ghana. #brightonartsociety #brightonart #brightonuniversity #art #sustainability #ghanaianartist @ Brighton, England, UK

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