Tullow Oil Partners Mckingtorch Africa to Segregate Waste

As part of our agenda to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the environment and landfill sites in Ghana, Mckingtorch Africa is partnering with institutions, communities, schools, churches, event centers and households to separate plastic waste which can be solved or given out to actors in the waste management sector for recycling. Since 2019, Mckingtorch Africa and Tullow has entered into a partnership which engages the management and team at Tullow Oil to separate waste at their head office and give it out to support the work we are doing at Mckingtorch Africa. The program has removed over 10 tons of plastic waste from the environment since 2018. Mckingtorch Africa is working towards finding funding to develop the capacity to remove at least 5 tons of waste from the environment every month. At Mckingtorch Africa we believe in the separation of waste at source. If waste is considered as a critical resource in Africa then we need to reinvent the waste management value chain where waste is not mixed together and sent to landfill sites where they are contaminated before they are brought back into the value chain. Effective segregation programs allows for us to work with households, communities, schools and corporate organizations on this journey as we innovate and install segregation containers made from plastic waste which is used to collect plastic waste for recycling purposes. In this way we create an economically viable route for the waste and empower people to create wealth.

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