Over the last 3 years Mckingtorch Africa has through its waste segregation program partnered with 100 households, corporate organisations and other private individuals to retrieve over 20 tonnes of plastic waste and prevented it from ending up on landfill sites. The aim is to let people and organisations freely give away their plastic waste for recycling or sell it to companies that recycle them. The project has saved these companies and households over Ghc4000 on waste collection and set them on a course as sustainable organisations and households

Waste separation/segregation is even more crucial in these times of Covid-19 outbreak as traditional waste management services will break down and waste may be left uncollected and lying in the environment. Over the weekend we retrieved some of these waste from 3 homes that have separated their waste for the last 5 months and we will encourage you to consider going on this journey too. It is extremely fulfilling that you can play your part in making our communities safer and free from plastic pollution. Great job Delali Matanawui of Cottagemallgh in Tebibianor, uncle Sam in Dzorwulu and Miss Angie Tetteh

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