Mckingtorch Recycled Footwear Launch

After a dizzying wait, Mckingtorch Africa has launched its debut line of footwear, in a launch with the theme ‘Streets of Accra’. The launch which took place on Tuesday, 7th July 2020, saw the Mckingtorch Footwear trending on social media sites such as, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The physical launch which was held at N8tive Food and Beverage Bar at Airport Residential Area, Accra was graced with the presence of the deputy director of Waste Management Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

Mr. Awuku stated that the company is being partnered byTotal Fuel Station who are supporting the project with a branded popup store for 30 days. The footwear is however available for order online from our shop on the website, or our shop on facebook ; you can also call or send a WhatsApp message to +233243548478, or send a message from any of our social media pages (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Want the sandals delivered to you? No problem, Mckingtorch Africa has partnered with Away Logistics and Courier Services to deliver the footwear to customers wherever you may be located.

The products – sandals which are both classy and timeless, are made from recycled pure water sachets and discarded shopping bags. The sandals don’t just adorn your feet and outfit – they were carefully named to reflect the work values and ethos. Mr Makafui Awuku, the CEO, in his speech introduced the products being launched and the inspiration behind their names. Sankofa represents the foundation of everything Mckingtorch Africa does, which is returning to pick up that which is discarded and forgotten and creating beauty from it. Freedom is so named because of the ease with which it is worn. Just put in your feet and you’re on your way. Heritage, sandals for men, shows how we express our Ghanaian heritage and show the world who we are. Duafe is an Adinkra symbol which means hygiene. Borlaife – out of trash (borla), comes new life adorning your feet. Joy to signify happiness that comes with creating value. Mckingtorch Footwear comes in colourful explosions of green, purple, blue and orange with muted colours available for those who prefer something more sober.

The A.M.A Deputy Director of Waste Management Department in his speech commended Mckingtorch Africa and its founder for the impressive work, explaining the cost and effort incurred in gathering, transporting and transforming waste into useful products can be very high and this does not encourage a lot of enterprises and startups to venture into recycling. He emphasized that the A.M.A embraces all such efforts to divert waste from landfills since the landfills are a major sources of greenhouse gas emission in Ghana and other environmental pollution. He also reiterated the AMA’s commitment to partnering Mckingtorch Africa on more projects as has been done in the past when Mckingtorch Africa implemented waste bin projects on behalf of Rotary Club Ghana with 80 bins installed on the Ring Road stretch to encourage people to responsibly handle the waste they generate.

It is pertinent to note that these sandals are not the only products Mckingtorch Africa has. The company has bags, pouches and laptop bags, upcycled waste bins, car tire tables, waste segregation houses from waste bottles, pencil cases, reusable shopping bags, backpacks, cross bags, throw pillows all made from recycled and upcycled plastic waste.

As a social enterprise that runs mentoring, internships and volunteering programs for youth on the African continent we receive donations to support the project and we urge you to visit our site and find out more about how you can support the project. Mr. Awuku stated, the government will always struggle to curb pollution as long as the citizens continue to pollute and engage in wasteful habit. The Mckingtorch footwear is tied to a waste buy-back program that allows for citizens to exchange their segregated waste for cash thereby creating indirect jobs for thousands of youth in Ghana on the African continent.

Written By: Barbara Ewoenam Afua Kukah

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