After successfully launching its new line of footwear made from recycled materials, Mckingtorch Africa through the support of Total Petroleum has opened a pop-up shop to create a convenient walk-in shopping experience for customers and supporters. The launch, which took place on Monday, 27th July 2020, was held at the 37 Total Fuel Service Station, adjacent the Golden Tulip Hotel where the managing director of Total officially handed over a Sunshine Solar Kiosk for the company to exhibit the Mckingtorch Footwear for 30 days.

The launch commenced at 2pm and was graced by very august guests including the Managing Director of Total Ghana, Mr. Eric Fanchini. Other guests included the sales and marketing manager for Total Ghana, the Communications Manager Mrs. Linda Andoh, the communication team and a representative of the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) a World Bank Group and Netherlands Government sponsored green business incubator program which Mckingtorch Africa CEO is an alumnus of in 2019.

Mr. Makafui Awuku, the CEO, in his speech introduced the Mckingtorch footwear and spoke about what went into the innovation, the influence of Total Ghana and the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre. He spoke about the experiments the team had conducted in the past two and a half years in an attempt to turn plastic waste into beautiful, durable and useful products. Mckingtorch Africa was part the Total Petroleum Startupper Challenge in 2019 and made it to the final 16 from out of 1200 applications. Mr. Makafui Awuku also spoke about how Mckingtorch Africa had maintained a relationship with Total Ghana even after the challenge ended and kept updating the company on progress of the Mckingtorch projects. Total Ghana decided to support the Mckingtorch Footwear project through the provision of and branding of the pop-up shop to  be use for marketing of the footwear made partly from recycled plastic waste from the streets of Accra. He also thanked the GCIC for its continued mentorship and support given to Mckingtorch Africa.

Mr. Awuku introduced the launched footwear and other products available such as purses, laptop bags, pencil cases, cross bags, reusable shopping bags, pouches all made from plastic waste pure water bags and a centerpiece made from car tires. As Mr. Awuku explained, the sourcing of the raw materials is sustainable, as Mckingtorch Africa has embarked on a plastic waste buy-back program by purchasing plastic waste from locals creating indirect jobs and wealth for the youth. The waste materials are sanitized with heat of over 300 degrees, final products packaged in paper bags, marketed online with customers being given e-receipts in order to create a truly eco-friendly system and reduce the carbon footprint of the project. The production lifecycle reduces energy and transportation costs by 50% as waste is sourced from an aggregation center in Darkuman, the waste from the production system are used for wall arts, and at the end of the life span of the sandals they can be returned and get refurbished and donated as gifts to school kids from deprived communities also. The under portion of the soles can be replaceable when they wear out increasing the lifespan of the sandals and the leather-like plastic waste material serves as a sustainable alternative to leather which is a contributor to climate change due to raising of livestock a major source of methane gas

In his short address, the MD of Total Ghana, Mr. Eric Fanchini praised Mr. Makafui Awuku for his innovative and entrepreneurship drive to create from plastic waste and provide an avenue for jobs for other Ghanaian youth. In addition, two customers of Total Ghana were given the chance to pick any free product of their choice after they got selected for buying fuel while the launch was ongoing.  Caveman Watches a fully owned Ghanaian Watch brand supported the event through donation of a customized Blue Volta watch for Mr. Eric Fanchini. Duks Juice was the other supporter of the event.

The managing director of Total Petroleum officially handed over the Sunshine Kiosk to Mckingtorch Africa.  Do visit at the 37 Total Service Station, adjacent the Golden Tulip Hotel between July 27th and August 27th 2020. Not only will you love the products, you will be doing the environment and yourself a service by buying them and donating to support the project. Visit or our Facebook Page Mckingtorch Africa to shop and learn more about the products.

Written by Barbara Ewoenam Kukah

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