Mckingtorch Africa made 100 sleeping and learning mats for homeless people from 50,000 plastic waste bags from the streets of Accra

Mckingtorch Africa is all about sustainability and if you are looking for a preferred partner regarding sustainability and the environment you should be working with us. You should be engaging us in that conversation. In December 2020, Mckingtorch Africa has been working with Children of the Light an NGO working with homeless people living on the streets of Accra to provide learning/teaching and sleeping mats for particularly the Kayaye ( head porters) women and their kids. The project is funded by Geodrill Ghana Mckingtorch Africa upcycled pure water sachet waste into leather-like material which has been used partly in making the mats. Each mat has 500 pure water sachet bags in it. Between December 2020 and April 2021, 100 sleeping mats were made with 50,000 plastic pure water sachet bags or 105kg of plastic waste bags used for the bottom layer of these sleeping and teaching mats. It makes the bottom of the mats resistant to water while the tops are foamy and comfortable from tie & dye and foam liner. The kids of these homeless people can have these mats to lay on while they learn and they and their parents can have better sleep at night after the day’s hustle to make ends meet. The mats are foldable and easy to carry around.

Reach out on +233243548478 to find out about how you can donate to support our projects this year. It will be worth it and you will find fulfilment.

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