Beach Waste Recovery Program. – 10/10/2022

We had our last beach waste recovery program this weekend as part of a partnership with Turntabl as the company engaged us to have an upcycling team bonding activity with their staff followed by a beach waste recovery program supported by the Tema West Municiapal Assembly at the Sakumono Mighty Beach front. We recovered 200kg of plastic waste bottles, 250kg of flip flop waste and 300kg of other forms of waste. The recovered plastic and flip flop waste will be sent to recycling facilities and turned into recycled materials for various fabrications. 

Do your best to reduce your waste and refuse single-use plastics when you do not need them. Find a recycling program or waste aggregator to give your plastic waste to for recycling. If you don’t this is where it will end up and we won’t have clean and sustainable beach front for turtles to nestle and for us to come and relax at when we need a vacation. 

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