Tullow Oil Partners Mckingtorch Africa to Segregate Waste

As part of our agenda to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the environment and landfill sites in Ghana, Mckingtorch Africa is partnering with institutions, communities, schools, churches, event centers and households to separate plastic waste which can be solved or given out to actors in the waste management sector for recycling. Since 2019, […]

Mckingtorch Africa to Launch Mckingtorch Footwear on 7th July 2020

SANDALS FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC WASTE RECOVERED FROM THE STREETS OF ACCRA. Within the last 7 months, the team at Mckingtorch Africa has worked to develop a leather-like material from shredded LDPE and HDPE plastic waste which are mainly pure water sachet bags and regular waste shopping bags from the streets of Accra. These bags are […]

BBC London Hosts Mckingtorch Africa Founder & CEO

Congratulations to our CEO who while out in the UK, got invited to the BBC and interviewed by Audrey Brown of BBC Africa News to share his work with Mckingtorch Africa. Changing the narrative for Africa through sustainable communities and cities agenda. A year before, the British Broadcaster had documented the work of the social […]


One of the biggest problems to the plastic pollution problem is putting a price on plastic waste and empowering locals and communities to understand the pricing mechanism and teaching them to weigh their plastic waste and know instantly how much money they are making off it when they sell it. This weekend Mckingtorch Africa was […]

Mckingtorch Africa Team Graduates From World Bank Funded Incubator Program

On 16th of December 2019, Mckingtorch Africa’s founder and CEO and the team graduated from a World Bank Group, Netherlands Government and Ashesi University sponsored Green Business Incubation Project #GhanaClimateInnovationCentre after 12 intensive months. The Sustainability journey continues from here with a better strategy and focus. The social enterprise received leadership capacity building support from […]


Saturday 21st of December 2019 was Mckingtorch Volunteers Day. We dedicated this day to celebrate the wonderful protectors of the earth. The people who have made the plastic waste fight come alive. It has been 12 crazy months and all these volunteers and others who were not here have been awesome in the sustainable cities […]


Nigerian sculptor DOTUN POPOOLA makes life-size sculptures using scrap metal and found objects. Africa can influence the world. The new world where sustainable communities and cities can be created from all forms of waste creating jobs and wealth in the process. Scrap metals are one of the hottest commodities on the contitent of Africa when […]


Over the last 3 years Mckingtorch Africa has through its waste segregation program partnered with 100 households, corporate organisations and other private individuals to retrieve over 20 tonnes of plastic waste and prevented it from ending up on landfill sites. The aim is to let people and organisations freely give away their plastic waste for […]

Plastic Waste Segregation House Commissioned.

Source: FACEBOOK Plastic Waste Segregation House Commissioned. 8 Days. 72 Hours of Installation. 3160 plastic waste bottles. 60 Volunteers in Total. 5 Windows. 5 Foot Door. A Roof. The Plastic Waste Bottles Segregation House at Ghana International School has been commissioned. It can hold up to 600 kilograms of plastic waste bottles. A bit more […]