Mckingtorch Creatives Host American International School And Challenge World Wide Students

SOURCE: MODERN GHANA Students from the American International School (AIS) and Challenge World Wide visited Mckingtorch Creatives as part of the American International School Community Day activity to serve their communities through volunteerism. Students areexpected on that day to go out of the school environment to volunteer with an institution for a day of which […]

Mckingtorch Africa: Where used plastic is no longer waste

Source: THE business and financial times Change begins from you, said President Muhammadu Buhari. And this philosophy is what one young man in Ghana shares. He is using his social enterprise to effect attitudinal change in how plastic is disposed of and managed in Ghana. Rather than sit and complain about the plastic menace in […]

Ghana’s Wastepreneur

Source: Forbes. Makafui Awuku has slept on a bench, hunted in the bush, worked at a church and sifted through mountains of plastic waste. He is the man turning trash into cash in Ghana. Thirtyfive-year-old Makafui Awuku has been through enough pain and penury in life to see beauty in the little things. He is […]