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BBC London Hosts Mckingtorch Africa Founder & CEO

Congratulations to our CEO who while out in the UK, got invited to the BBC and interviewed by Audrey Brown of BBC Africa News to share his work with Mckingtorch Africa. Changing the narrative for Africa through sustainable communities and cities agenda. A year before, the British Broadcaster had documented the work of the social […]

Plastic Waste Segregation House Commissioned.

Source: FACEBOOK Plastic Waste Segregation House Commissioned. 8 Days. 72 Hours of Installation. 3160 plastic waste bottles. 60 Volunteers in Total. 5 Windows. 5 Foot Door. A Roof. The Plastic Waste Bottles Segregation House at Ghana International School has been commissioned. It can hold up to 600 kilograms of plastic waste bottles. A bit more […]

MCKINGTORCH PLASTIC WASTE ARTS: A project by Mckingtorch Creatives

SOURCE: Mckingtorch Creatives developed a raw material from treated plastic waste and turned them into plastic sheets which have become a raw material for artworks. Mckingtorh Creatives makes arts and products from waste plastics and does advocacy on pollution, installations, and exhibitions on the impact of plastic pollution to change behavior. Board members include […]