Slippers Made By Mckingtorch Africa .- 16/04/22

Coventry, UK is a thriving city that is now a shining example of sustainability! We’re overjoyed to see how our neighbours are banding together to make thoughtful decisions for a more environmentally friendly future. And what better way to do it than by wearing our #Mckingtorchfootwear and making a statement?

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to one of our valued clients who was seen wearing our well-made shoes, which are partially composed of recycled plastic waste. With every move they make, they demonstrate a dedication to environmental stewardship in addition to their sophisticated elegance.

There’s no better place to be if you want to get involved in the eco-conscious fashion trend! Visit our page to see our most recent inventory, or even better, head over to Marina Mall, which is right across from the pharmacy. There, you can buy your very own pair of #Mckingtorchfootwear and take advantage of the chance to embrace sustainability with every step.

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