Empowering Change: McKingtorch Africa’s Journey to Sustainable Solutions.- 22/06/23

Today is the last day of a journey that was driven by dedication, teamwork, and a desire to improve the world. Our CEO had the privilege of introducing a ground-breaking McKingtorch Africa research study that illustrated the effects of our reusable bag initiative, which was made possible by funding from the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions.

We started a mission to fight plastic pollution in collaboration with the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre in Africa, the Netherlands Foreign Affairs Ministry, and Ghana’s Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation. And the outcomes are quite telling.

2000 reusable bags—made from 200,000 plastic bags, or two tonnes of plastic waste—were the result of this project. However, the effects go far beyond figures. We take pride in having given women economic power throughout the value chain by presenting them with chances for development and sustainability.

Not only were these bags given out, but they also served as symbols of change. We challenged shoppers at Accra’s busy Melcom, Max Mart, and Marina Shopping Malls to switch from single-use plastic bags to our reusable alternatives. It was a modest step towards a cleaner, greener future with enormous ramifications.

We are steadfast in our resolve to fight plastic waste as this chapter draws to an end. This is just the beginning of the journey; innovation and advancement must be continuously pursued. We’re committed to going above and beyond, looking for novel ways to combat plastic pollution and promote a more sustainable global community.

We have demonstrated that when we collaborate, change is possible. Let’s continue building a future where the earth and our communities thrive together. #BeatPlasticPollution #SustainabilityJourney #McKingtorchAfrica

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