Empowering Sustainability: Mckingtorch Africa’s Reusable Bag Initiative.- 9/11/22

Mckingtorch Africa has started a ground-breaking programme to address plastic waste pollution and promote sustainable shopping practices in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation, as well as The Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for the Africa Region. Selected to manufacture two thousand reusable bags, Mckingtorch Africa has started an impressive project that promotes conscientious consumer behaviour while repurposing plastic trash.

This campaign began with the realisation that there was an urgent need to address plastic pollution, especially with regard to single-use plastic bags, which are a major environmental hazard. Using their knowledge of environmentally beneficial design, Mckingtorch Africa has cleverly created reusable bags, in part using waste plastic bags made of pure water that were gathered from Accra’s streets and surroundings. The production of these sustainable alternatives involved the recovery of approximately 400,000 pieces of pure water sachet bag, totaling over 2 tonnes of plastic trash.

In the quest for sustainability, the distribution of these reusable bags in well-known retail locations like Melcom, Max Mart, and Marina Mall represents a turning point. An alluring offer is made to customers who choose to forsake the single-use plastic bags available at the checkout counter in favour of a complimentary MCKINGTORCH Reusable Bag. This little but meaningful action encourages people to make thoughtful decisions that lessen environmental damage and the amount of plastic garbage they produce.

Tomorrow and Friday, Mckingtorch Africa will be stationed at the Max Mart East Legon Branch for the initial distribution of these innovative reusable bags. This serves as an invitation for shoppers to not only embrace sustainable alternatives but also actively participate in the movement towards a cleaner, greener future.

Beyond the distribution of reusable bags, this initiative symbolizes a larger shift in societal attitudes towards consumption and waste management. By incentivizing the adoption of reusable solutions, Mckingtorch Africa catalyzes a cultural change that prioritizes environmental stewardship and responsible consumer behavior.


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