Empowering Youth for Change: A Mission of Transformation.- 22/09/22

In a society where information is frequently hailed as the most valuable resource, there is a basic fact that must be understood: real power comes from enabling youth to become change agents in their own neighbourhoods. This philosophy serves as the cornerstone of MCKINGTORCH Africa’s goal, which is to provide young people with the knowledge and abilities necessary to make real, lasting changes that have an impact far beyond their own lives.

As part of our collaboration with Academic City University College and the National Science & Maths Quiz, we had the honour of working with outstanding senior high school students today. Together, we set out on an innovative and discovery-driven adventure that enabled these young people to use simple resources and skills to develop solutions that solve pressing issues in their communities.

Our methodology is based on the conviction that grassroots innovation has the capacity to change the world. We are developing a culture of creativity and problem-solving as well as a sense of agency and ownership over their own futures by giving young people the chance to apply their learning in real-world, relevant ways.

These outstanding young people participate actively in the process of change, promoting innovation and advancement in their communities through practical workshops and group projects. They are not merely passive learners. Their inventiveness is boundless, whether they are using technology to increase access to education or creating environmentally friendly solutions to environmental problems.

One thing is very evident when we consider the events of today: those who dare to dream and those who are prepared to get their hands dirty and work for what they want will succeed in the future. At MCKINGTORCH Africa, we’re dedicated to developing the next wave of leaders and innovators and giving them the tools and self-assurance they need to create a better, more promising future for themselves and future generations.

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