Introducing Our Latest Arrival: #MckingtorchFootwear!- 12/04/22

Take a step towards style and sustainability with our recently arrived #MckingtorchFootwear, which is currently available at Marina Mall, directly across from the pharmacy! Improve the way you look at shoes by choosing ones that are environmentally friendly as well as stylish.

We’re happy to announce that in addition to being stylish, our footwear is also eco-friendly. We’re making a difference in the environment by using recycled plastic waste from Accra’s streets into our designs. Not only are you making a statement with every step, but you’re also helping to lessen the amount of plastic pollution in our lovely city.

Are you anxious to find the ideal fit? Avoid being! We guarantee that every individual can find their ideal fit thanks to our extensive selection of sizes. Please find the list of sizes that are available attached. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you prepared to take a step towards sustainability? Just give us a call at +233 20 754 3320 to place your order and pay. Wear #MckingtorchFootwear to do it in style whether you’re hitting the streets of Accra or strolling through the mall.

One step at a time, let’s move towards a more eco-friendly and clean future! Come along with us and help change the world with each pair you wear. #AccraStyle #EcoFashion #SustainableLiving.

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