Mckingtorch Africa Visits Geodrill.- 17/02/22

A working visit to Ashanti Region. Visiting Geodrill, one of the most sustainable mining business models on the African continent. I have seen mining rigs built here in Ghana by Ghanaian Engineers trained by the company and also they have CNC machines that allow them substructure manufacturing that is creating jobs for the indigenous people instead of importing these things into the country.

The main purpose of the visit however is to assist the company develop a sustainable plastic waste management program that will involve sustainable waste recovery where all plastic waste generated by over 100 staff daily goes into recycling instead of landfills. Also met Emma Goldstone from a second mining company interested in a similar program for her company.

Sustainability has to be a culture in every organization. It would allow you to achieve more with less and do this safer and more decently with less negative impact while becoming a more circular organization.

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