MCKINGTORCH Africa Volunteer Addresses the U.N. General Assembly.- 11/05/23

We are overjoyed to announce a significant accomplishment from our MCKINGTORCH Africa community. @call_me_r.a.y, one of our valued volunteers, recently had the amazing chance to speak at the prestigious UN General Assembly. This outstanding achievement highlights the value of empowering diverse voices in the global dialogue on pressing issues and demonstrates the commitment and passion of our volunteers.

Her presence on the global scene is proof of the value of grassroots activism and the ability of one person to make a significant difference. She had an opportunity to spread important messages about environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sustainability during her speech at the U.N. General Assembly—values that are central to MCKINGTORCH Africa’s mission.

This historic event serves as a reminder that change is achievable when people band together with bravery, tenacity, and a common goal of a better future. We thank her for representing MCKINGTORCH Africa on the international scene and offer our sincere congratulations for their remarkable accomplishment.

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