MCKINGTORCH Africa Volunteers Inspired by Climate Reality Training with Al Gore.- 16/11/23

At MCKINGTORCH Africa, we firmly think that information is empowering, particularly when it comes to addressing the urgent problems caused by climate change. We are therefore overjoyed to announce that, recently, in the thriving city of Accra, our volunteers had the amazing chance to take part in Climate Reality training, which was facilitated by none other than former US Vice President Al Gore.

For our volunteers, this training was a life-changing event that gave them insightful knowledge and practical skills to help them advocate for climate action in their communities. We are aware of the significance of ongoing capacity building and volunteer empowerment because we genuinely think that working together, we can have a greater impact.

MCKINGTORCH Africa is an organisation dedicated to community involvement and environmental sustainability, and as such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the abilities and expertise of our committed volunteers. An important turning point in our efforts to bring about positive change and create a more sustainable future for West Africa and beyond was the training we received from Al Gore on Climate Reality.

We are committed to addressing the issues raised by climate change and building a future where people and the environment can coexist peacefully through activism, education, and group efforts. Join us in our mission to create a more promising and environmentally sustainable future for future generations. If we work together, we can change things.

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