Mckingtorch Africa Volunteers Training

On the 9th of December 2023, Mckingtorch Africa held its last training program for the year for volunteers. At the core of the Mckingtorch project are amazing volunteers from all over the world and the organization supports volunteers in various ways including offering training on climate and environmental sustainability. On this day, volunteers were given a full blown training on the waste management value chain in Ghana, business modeling, storytelling and green jobs available globally. Over the years, the empowerment support we have given our volunteers has led some of them to speak at the UN General Assembly, others starting their own climate project and winning grants. Some have been able to access global training opportunities including former U.S. President Al Gore’s Climate Reality training. Mckingtorch Africa has over 500 volunteers from across Africa and the world and every year our volunteers are making impact in their various communities. Reach us on WhatsApp at +233243548478 about joining our volunteer program today.

Written By: Makafui Awuku

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