Mckingtorch Africa’s CEO Visits Owl’s International School.- 09/06/22

Our CEO, Makafui Awuku had fun with the kids at The Owl’s Nest International School in Cantonment this morning as the school decided to adopt the Mckingtorch Africa’s plastic waste receptacle for their school and empower the kids to practice what they are teaching them about environmental sustainability. 

They learnt a lot today about the environmental crisis and about the 4Rs and innovations and projects they can do from upcycling and recycling of plastic waste. They also learn about who an environmentalist, Artist, innovator and Entrepreneur is and engaged me in conversations on what they can do to help their environment including separating waste from home so they can drop off the plastic waste in the receptacle in the mornings when their parents drop them off.

Let us not just put knowledge in the heads of kids. Let us create the enabling environment for them to use it so knowledge that is important to influence behavior becomes an everyday living guide. 

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