Meet Taylor Reilly-Smith from Trent University in Canada.- 17/01/23

We at Mckingtorch Africa are pleased to welcome Taylor, our newest intern, to the team as 2023 dawns. Taylor’s internship represents another significant achievement in our continued mission to give youth the chance to learn and grow while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment.

At Mckingtorch Africa, we understand how powerfully young minds can influence positive change. We give great importance to providing volunteering and internship opportunities for young people from all over the world. These programmes provide platforms for learning about sustainable innovations meant to address urgent environmental challenges in addition to providing hands-on experience.

Taylor will have the opportunity to become fully involved in our cutting-edge projects and initiatives during his internship. Taylor is going to be exposed to a broad range of sustainable practices and technologies, from investigating renewable energy solutions to addressing plastic pollution. Additionally, he will be able to actively participate in these initiatives, offering their special insights and expertise to support environmental sustainability.

We are eager to see Taylor’s development and influence as they begin their internship with us. His presence not only makes our team stronger, but it also serves as a reminder of our conviction that young people can make significant advancements. We will keep moving forward as a team, utilising the youthful generation’s inventiveness and combined energy to build a more resilient and sustainable future for future generations.

We are ready to assist and work with him at every turn as he embarks on this life-changing adventure. We will keep innovating, inspiring, and changing the world for the better together.

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