Official launch of WUSC international seminar 2023 happened at the Mensvic Grand Hotel in Accra.- 5/08/23

An important milestone was reached last year when the WUSC International Seminar 2023 was officially launched at the renowned Mensvic Grand Hotel in Accra, to much excitement and anticipation. Over a hundred people from various backgrounds, including government representatives, civil society organisations, committed WUSC staff, and prestigious partner organisations from six different countries, came together for the event, which was both a platform for collaboration and a beacon of hope.

The genuine enthusiasm exuding from the youthful seminarists who enthusiastically participated in talks, workshops, and networking events was what really set this gathering apart. Their fervour and determination to effect positive change in their communities and beyond were incredibly motivating.

McKingtorch Africa proudly stood with WUSC and other stakeholders as partners on this transformative journey, committed to empowering and providing the education, resources, and connections necessary for the next generation of leaders to effect lasting change.

Looking ahead, we are excited to share that in just one week, a session designed especially for the seminarists will take place. This meeting promises to explore important topics in greater detail, create deep connections, and spark new ideas to advance our group’s efforts.

The WUSC International Seminar 2023 Launch was more than just a gathering; it served as evidence of the ability of youth leadership, innovation, and teamwork to promote positive change on a worldwide level. Let’s keep utilising this momentum as a team to create a more promising and inclusive future for everybody. 

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