Plastic Waste For Football Boots!- 17/06/23

There are people like Bortey who shine brightly with their resilience and determination in a world full of obstacles. Bortey’s tale is a tribute to the strength of dreams and the unwavering spirit of youth, and it goes beyond simply gathering plastic waste.

Young Bortey, an aspiring football player, is inspired by his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, and wants to emulate his hero’s success on the pitch. Bortey had financial difficulties, but he didn’t let that stop him from loving the beautiful game. He was aware that he would need appropriate football boots in order to pursue his dreams.

Bortey set out on a journey that would transform his life and inspire countless others out of sheer willpower. He began gathering used plastic sachets without knowing where this project would take him. He collected plastic nonstop every day, motivated by the desire to get his first pair of football boots.

Our founder, Makafui Awuku, happened upon Bortey’s improvised collection by happenstance. Makafui knew he had to help this young dreamer when he saw the resolve in Bortey’s eyes. He asked Bortey about her goals and offered to buy the plastic waste for twice the going rate. Makafui reached out without hesitation to assist Bortey on his journey.

This deed of generosity was about investing in a young boy’s dreams rather than just purchasing plastic waste. Bortey made a big step towards his footballing goals when he used the extra cash to buy the football boots he had been dreaming of.

The story of Bortey serves as a reminder that dreams are limitless. Our tenacity and persistence clear the way for success in spite of the challenges we face. His transition from gathering plastic debris to pursuing his love of football is proof of the transformational potential of optimism and fortitude.

Let us draw inspiration from Bortey’s amazing journey to encourage and uplift those around us. When we work together, we can change people’s lives and make dreams come true. The story of Bortey is not just his own; it is a tale of optimism, tenacity, and the limitless potential that each of us possesses.

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