Spreading Festive Cheer Sustainably: Mckingtorch Africa’s Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Fabrication.- 11/11/23

Mckingtorch Africa is launching a significant initiative to promote sustainability and spread joy as the holiday season draws near. Our first session of three Christmas tree fabrication sessions using plastic waste bottles begins today. These sessions will be held in November. These Saturday workshops at the Mckingtorch facility focus on encouraging community involvement and environmental consciousness in addition to creating lovely decorations.

We’re not only cutting waste, but also showcasing the artistic potential of upcycling by turning used plastic bottles into festive decorations. People from all walks of life are welcome to attend these public sessions and support us in this endeavour. In addition to gaining new skills and making connections with like-minded people, participants will have the chance to contribute to a more sustainable and greener future.

Mckingtorch Africa is showcasing its dedication to community involvement and environmental stewardship through these workshops. We think we can make a significant impact if we band together and take baby steps. So let’s honour the festive spirit while simultaneously improving the environment. Come experience something unique and profound with us at the Mckingtorch facility as we work to create a more sustainable and optimistic future, one plastic bottle at a time.

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