Mckingtorch Climate Themed Christmas Carols Event

Mckingtorch Africa had it’s maiden Climate Themed Christmas Carols event on Saturday the 16th of December 2023 with over 250 participating from the community. The event also had partners in attendance. The Climate Themed Christmas is a concept by Mckingtorch Africa that seeks to highlight the impact of the climate change and how it affects our communities and everyone. Students studying theater arts acted out a script developed by Mckingtorch Africa recreating the birth of Christ all over again with a current 21st century setting to highlight how the crisis would have affected the journey. The night also saw poetry performance from Makafui Awuku founder and CEO of Mckingtorch Africa, a Santa Claus with amazing gifts for the children. The attendees experienced the Mckingtorch Christmas Garden and were treated to some good music, 9 lessons of carols and fire works. The event was supported by Green Africa Youth Organization, KOFA Technologies, JoeRitz Craft, La Fuego Perfume.

The aim of this event is to highlight the climate crisis and encourage everyone to take action.

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